Setting a Static IP address on your Cloud Link device

This guide will walk you through setting a static IP address on your Cloud Link device. 

1. Download the “Partner Configuration Tool EXE” from MDS's site (link below) and follow the detailed instructions included in the .rtf file within the archive. There is also a "Partner Configuration Tool JAVA/JRE" as well. We recommend attempting the EXE first. If you're experiencing issues, please test both versions of the tool.


3. Turn off the WiFi on your computer. 

4. Hook up the Cloud Link device to your computer via the Ethernet port on your machine (the other end goes into the WAN port of the Cloud Link device).

5. On your computer, go to the Start menu and search for “Network and Sharing Center”. Open it, then click “Change Adapter Settings”. Find your Ethernet port here and double click it. 

6. Click Internet Protocol Version 4, click Properties. 

7. Set the IP address as Set everything else as default. Hit OK.


8. Run the .exe file or the .jar file (if you are using the JAVA tool) from the .zip you downloaded from MDS' site. Run as Administrator on Windows 10.

9. Hit Connect.

10. Change the IP, Subnet, and Gateway fields, then hit “configure”. After hitting "configure" the button should turn grey confirming the change.  If the Configure button did not turn gray for Windows 10, close the tool, go back to the folder, right-click the tool, and click "Run As Administrator". If you make a typo here, the device will have to be fully reset, so be careful!

11. You will be disconnected, and the device has been configured to that static IP. You can now connect the Cloud-Link’s WAN port to your ISP’s modem/router. 

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