Configuring Backup Reporting Notifications (Email & RSS Feeds)

Backup Reporting is a way to keep track of your backup jobs by receiving an email or RSS Feed Update.

You can set your preferred Frequency for email delivery:
  • Immediately - send me an email as soon as any backup completes
  • Daily - send me a digest covering all backups that were performed each day
  • Weekly - send me a weekly digest
  • Never - don't send me any emails
You also have a set of options that allow you to limit the Scope of your RSS Feed updates:
  • All Computers
  • One Computer
  • One Sub-Account
  • One Tag



How to Configure

When your Jungle Disk software is configured to report backups, you can choose to have the reports delivered to you inbox or feed reader.

NOTE: The destination e-mail account is the master account e-mail. There can only be one destination e-mail account.


Step 1: Configure the Jungle Disk Software for backup reporting


Step 2: Configure Backup Reporting via master account online access.

- Click on Backup Report Preferences.




How To Set E-mail Reporting Frequency

- Choose the frequency of your backup reporting.

"Immediate emails are sent upon backup job completion and include details of files that were backed up, as well as any errors that may have occurred. Daily and weekly emails contain a high-level summary of the backups which took place during that time period"


How To Set RSS Feeds

-Choose which sub-account you want to report on.

-Click on create feed to create the RSS feed report.


Verifying your RSS Feed

After clicking on "Create Feed" you will see the feed listing that was created for you. You can right-click the RSS link or Atom link to copy the url for either of these feed types and use them in your feed aggregator.

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