Recommended Online Disk Settings for Best Performance

For various reasons, we recommend keeping the size of your Online Disks to around 500GB / 100,000 files each. This helps with multiple things; the most importantly being browsing performance. Once your Online Disk becomes too large and oversized, it's response can become sluggish and slow down navigation considerably. Running a consistency check will help the online disk's browsing performance. However, the larger the disk, the longer the consistency check takes to complete.

Another issue with a vast directory structure would be errors while navigating. A common error we see is "Could not get directory listing" when the software is unable to retrieve directory information quickly enough from your storage provider.

You can also have caching issues. For example, if you are navigating a subdirectory that is several GB, but you only have your cache size set to 1 GB, this could cause your cache to constantly be written to and edited. This can create corruption issues in addition to downgraded performance.

Another issue we sometimes come across with customers with vast amounts of data on their Network Drive is that their path names become too long. Windows and Mac OSes have a file path limit of 255 characters. Once that limit is reached and/or exceeded, this can create issues for users being unable to delete or move files within that directory. To alleviate and avoid this, we recommend flattening your directory structure. This will completely avoid this issue.  

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