Changing Drive Type for Network Drive - Windows

The Jungle Disk software offers multiple options for mapping or connecting an Online Disk to your computer; we call this feature the Network Drive. "Removable Media" is the default setting for mapping a Jungle Disk Network Drive, but may not always be the most effective.

This guide will walk through the process, step-by-step, of changing this drive type setting to take advantage of the different options.

As WebDAV is an open standard and supported on all operating systems, it can often be a better option than the other drive types available in the software.

Network Share - This maps your network drive as a network share - a folder or drive that is shared between computers on your network via a UNC path. 

Note: This guide will use screenshots from the 3.22 version of our software, but the steps performed here would be identical in version 3.16 and newer versions of Jungle Disk.

Step 1 - Open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor

Open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor by going to the Start menu on a Windows computer and searching for "Jungle Disk."

Once open, click on Configure.


Step 2 - Changing the Drive Type

In the configure menu, click the "Show Advanced Options" check-box in the bottom-left corner, if it is not already checked.

  1. Expand any Online Disk by clicking the "+" symbol next the the disk name; this will display configuration options. Expand Network Drive.
  2. Click on "Local Drive Mapping" to display the drive type options.
  3. Select your option of drive type, change the drive letter, and click OK to save your changes. This will change the drive type for all of your Jungle Disk drives. 



You should now see your Jungle Disk drives showing up like this:

WebDAV seen above.

Handling Errors

You may encounter errors after changing your drive type setting. For example, WebDAV as a setting relies on the computer's operating system more than the other drive types.

This is a common error we've seen from customers when the drive type change was not successful.

Should you encounter this error or have any other trouble changing your configuration please contact our support team, as there are troubleshooting steps that we can walk through with you.

You can submit a ticket here:

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