Public File Sharing Guide

Public File Sharing is easy though Jungle Disk!

Make sure your Network Drive is enabled for Public File Sharing via the Online Disks page of your Control Panel. Click the name of your Online Disk and check the Enable Public File Sharing button.


Next, open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor and enter the Configure menu. Expand the Application Settings option and click “File Sharing”. Make sure that the “Enable File Sharing” box is checked, and if you have multiple online disks connected to this account, you can choose which online disk to save your publicly shared files to. 


Once this is enabled, you can now share files publicly! Right-click a file residing locally on your machine that you’d like to share, then choose the “Share with Jungle Disk” option. The file will automatically be uploaded to your Network Drive, then a web browser page will open and a download link will be generated! Note**This does not work on all versions of Windows.**

You can also share files that already exist on your network drive by logging into your Web Access portal (, right-clicking the file you want to share, and then clicking the Share option. This will automatically create a public file sharing link!



Once a file is shared, you can use the “My Shared Files” page in your Web Access portal to manage your publicly shared files. Here, you can delete shared file links or modify the expiration dates of your shared file links. Clicking on a share will show details about it, including the URL, expiration date, and times viewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I accidentally shared the wrong file, how can I delete the share? 
    • Go to Jungle Disk's Web Access page at Click on "My Shared Files" in the top right corner.  
  • Will I be charged for using this feature? 
    • If you're using Amazon S3 as your storage provider, a file download will result in usage fees based on the size of the file. Please review the Amazon S3 pricing page,, for more information. 
    • If you're using Rackspace Cloud Files as your storage provider, there are no associated charges when sharing files.
  • Are there restrictions on the file size? 
    • Yes. File sharing is limited to files less than 5GB in size. You can share as many files as you wish, however, each individual file must be less than 5GB.
  • Is there a limit to how many times a file can be downloaded? 
    • Yes, at this time, once a file reaches 50 downloads, it will auto-expire and will need to be shared again. Note: This service is not intended to be a CDN. Please contact us if you're looking for a CDN service.
  • I'm a copyright holder for a file your customer is illegally sharing. 
    • Please contact us at and we will promptly investigate the issue.


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