How to move from Backup Vault to Simple Backup

If you find that you're wanting to use Simple Backup instead of Backup Vault, you can quickly move your configuration from the Vault to a new Simple Backup.

However, please keep in mind that the data stored in your Backup Vault is completely separate from your Network Drive (which is the container type that Simple Backup stores to). Because of this, your data will need to be re-uploaded.

  1. Open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor and click Configure, then go to the Backup Vault job to click Export
  2. Delete your Backup Vault job by selecting "Remove this backup job"
  3. Then go to the Simple Backup section and import your Backup Job that you had just exported.
  4. Once done, you can run the backup to begin uploading data to your Network Drive instead of to your Backup Vault.

Final Steps (cleanup)

Please be sure to return to the Backup Vault and delete it. If you do not delete the vault, then you will continue to be charged for that vault's data (in addition to the data you're uploading to the Network Drive via your new Simple Backup job); see screenshot below.

  • However, deleting the vault is permanent, so before moving forward with this, please be sure to restore anything you need from your Backup Vault (if there is anything you need, that is): Restoring from a Backup Vault

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