Ad-Aware 11


Unfortunately, the only way to get Jungle Disk 3.16 to work with Ad-Aware 11 installed is to disable Ad-Aware's realtime monitoring and then restart your computer. Since realtime monitoring is important, we would recommend considering another antivirus/anti-malware service for the time being.

More Details

In our testing, having Ad-Aware installed will work for a brief period of time. Within a few hours, however, you'll see Jungle Disk behave strangely. After restarting the Jungle Disk service or your computer, Jungle Disk will be unable to detect a network connection.

If you disable realtime monitoring in Ad-Aware, it then appears to be necessary to restart your computer for Jungle Disk to start working again.

There are still many more free versions of services for antivirus protection you can choose from, such as MalwareBytes (2.0 or above), AVG free, Avast free, and others.

Note: if you switch to another Antivirus service, please be sure to make adjustments to it so that Jungle Disk can function normally in all circumstances: Link

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