Using Amazon IAM Users to Access Personal S3 Buckets

The purpose of this article is to help Account Admins make the transition from Amazon's Root access key and secret key to the new IAM user system. These steps will be helpful for any users who have misplaced or changed their root access keys and can no longer access their Personal S3 Buckets from Jungle Disk.


If you're setting up software anew, you may see something like this:


1. Once logged into the control panel, click on "Online disks" in the upper left hand corner, and select "Amazon S3 Accounts".


2. Remove the current Amazon S3 Account details from your Jungle Disk Control Panel

3. Log in to your Amazon Web Services panel at and click on your account name from the top right corner. Choose "Security Credentials"

4. Likely you will see a pop-up informing you about the changes Amazon has made to their access key system. Simply click "Continue to Security Credentials"

5. Click on "Users" from the top left side of the page

6. Click "Create New Users" and give your new "user" a name. Click create

7. Your new keys will now be available, be sure to copy them down in some manner, or download the .csv in the link they provide

8. Now, assign the new user full access rights to the S3 buckets on your Amazon account. First, highlight the user, click the permissions tab, click "attach user policy," and scroll down to click select next to "Amazon S3 full access."

9. Go back to the Jungle Disk control panel and add in the keys for your newly created IAM account and register them

10. Complete set up of the software. You should have access to your Amazon S3 buckets once again. Note: you may need to paste in your new keys here as well.

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