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My document viewer/editor app won’t let me open the file from Jungle Disk

We built the app to use Android Intents when opening docs. Not all apps leverage this best practice. Due to the amount of apps and technology used not all will be compatible.
Since the Android OS market is so segmented we should work well with apps that are broadly used across devices, but we may not work well with carrier/device specific applications. When we were building the app we ran across this blog...really scary to think about supporting it all. Reference

We recommend using a more universal app like Quick Office (link) or Adobe Reader (link) which are built using Android best practices and are a bit more universal viewers and editors.

Can I view my backup vault?

No, this app only provides access to your network drive.

I am only seeing "You don't have any disks" (my personal S3 disks do not show)

This should only occur if our Secure Web Access is not enabled for your Personal S3 disks in the legacy "Jungle Disk Desktop" software.

To enable it:

  1. Launch the Desktop Edition software on your computer
  2. Go to Configure
  3. Expand "Application Settings"
  4. Select "Jungle Disk Accounts"
  5. Highlight your Amazon S3 Key and click "Change"
  6. Check (enable) the "Enable Secure Web Access" box
  7. Click "OK" until you are out of the configure menu.

You should now be able view your files when you log-in to and they will also be availalbe to our Android App for you as well. It may take a few minutes for the disks to show up in the app, but please contact us if it takes longer than that.

Which operating systems and devices are supported with this app?

The app is a native Android App built to be fully supported on Nexus 4 and 5, which are considered to be pure Android devices.

It should work on most devices that are running KitKat and we may increase the support to Samsung Galaxy devices.

However; it is unlikely we will every be able to support all Android OS versions and devices due to the way that the Android user-base is so segmented. Reference

Where are my locally downloaded files stored in my file system?

We do store your local (decrypted) files in a specific folder on your device, but please keep in mind that we do not use the same filename here that's displayed for your file in our App. In this regard, the following folder is more of a local cache for those files to stay in for the time being, rather than something we expect you to be accessing directly.

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