Adding Additional Users

Checking Available Licenses

You can add additional users at any time by going to the Users page. Only users which have licenses associated with their username will be able to connect to the Jungle Disk software. If you have a user that is having trouble logging in, you will want to confirm a license is associated with their account by looking in the "Assigned To" column on the "Licenses" page.

In the below screenshot, 9 users currently are "Assigned To" a license and there are an additional 5 licenses available that we can assign to new users.

Creating the new user

if you need to purchase additional licenses in order to create a new user, go to the signup page and log in using your existing account. From there, simply follow the prompts to place the order. Once the order is complete, go back to the "users" tab in the Control Panel.

You will log-in to your account at and go to the Users page. From there, you will begin creating your user by filling in the Username and Password fields:



The Tag field is optional, and is used for grouping users in usage reports.

The Private Online Disk option will create an Online Disk with permissions automatically set to read/write for the user you are creating here only. These permissions can be changed later if needed, and the creation of a Private Online Disk is not necessary. If you would like the user you're creating to have their own personal disk, you can leave the box checked. Otherwise, un-check this box.

If you have any licenses available in the User License Summary section of this page, the new user you create will automatically be granted one of the available licenses and can log-in immediately.

Adding users to existing licenses

If you did not have any licenses available, you can purchase additional licenses after logging-in to your account here:

Once the new license has been purchase, go to the "Subscriptions & Purchases" page of your account to assign the license.

Once you have assigned a license to your newly created user, they can now log-in to the Jungle Disk software.

Once the license has been assigned to the user, they may need to download the Jungle Disk program. Download links for the Jungle Disk program can be found at the bottom of this page, as well as here.

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