Why are we seeing .tmp files in our Network Drive?

First, what are these files?

.tmp files are not created by Jungle Disk, but are usually created by programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

These are considered 'working' files and are where these programs store their edited data before committing the opened file to a save.

Why are they here?

Seeing these .tmp files (which are supposed to be automatically removed from the drive by the program that created them) would suggest that users with access to this online disk are either disconnecting from the internet, or putting their computers to sleep while they still have some of the files in this folder open.

What can be done to minimize or prevent them from showing up?

Ensuring that all users are closing all programs before disconnecting from wifi or putting their computers to sleep can help to ensure this kind of 'left-over' file is kept to a minimum in the future.

On the other hand, if you're noticing a recently heavy increase in these files, it could indicate that one or more of your coworkers/employees are connecting to the disk from a network that's experiencing issues with connectivity to their ISP or from their ISP to to another ISP. Contacting your ISP may help in this situation.

Also, networks of somewhat questionable quality (such as hotel networks or public wifi) can result in intermittent issues if editing documents directly from the Network Drive. So when connected with these kinds of networks, we recommend copying the file you're wanting to edit down to your local hard drive. Then edit it from there, save the changes, and copy the file back into the network drive to update it. If you experience an issue with uploading the file, try again in a few moments or log into Web Access at https://myjungledisk.com/ and you can upload your file there instead.

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