Recommended Exceptions to add in Antivirus and Firewall


Since Jungle Disk is a network-based file management system and antivirus is primarily designed to monitor files that come into or leave out of your computer via a network, there's a possibility that antivirus will interfere with our software.

Note: If you have MalwareBytes version 1.x installed, these suggestions might not be enough to get things working for you since this suite is known to cause complicated issues with our services. Try updating to 2.x, which is available On This Page (link).

We recommend excluding the following items in your antivirus program(s) even if you aren't currently experiencing trouble.

Please select the operating system and Jungle Disk program you're using.

Operating System Jungle Disk Program
Description Files and Folders to add as Exclusions
Program Directory*  
Cache Directory*  
Settings File  
Driver File  


  • The "Program Directory" shown here is the default install directory. You may have installed the application to another location instead.
  • The "Cache Directory" shown here is only the default. In your settings, you may have changed this to another location. To verify your cache directory, open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor and click here for a guide.
  • The cbfs6.sys file is now installed on the fly and will not be in that directories on newer versions of the software.


I have a software firewall program installed on my computer

Add the Jungle Disk program to your Exceptions list for your Firewall.

I have a network-based firewall and/or a firewall that does not allow program exceptions

In this situation, you can add our servers/ports as exceptions for your firewall so that the firewall allows these connections through your network.

We use ports 443 and 80 through your network for Outgoing traffic only, so if these are already open, no further actions are necessary.

Note: While Jungle Disk does make incoming connections, it only makes them from the Jungle Disk application (the GUI) to/from the Jungle Disk Service (background program) within your computer and only if you're using Jungle Disk Simply Backup, Desktop, or Workgroup.

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

Note: If you are working with a hardware-server that does not support domain/url-level exceptions, you will need to open ports 443 and 80 (Outgoing-only)

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