Jungle Disk Server: What to do if your Server is not appearing in the Client

It can take a little while after logging in for all of your servers to populate in your server list... maybe 10-30 seconds, usually.

However; if you're in a situation where your server doesn't appear after logging into the Jungle Disk Server management client (if this is your only server, you'll just see "searching"), this is usually due to the Jungle Disk Server agent (running on your server) server losing connection to our Gateway Servers.

Here are our recommendations:

  1. Try restarting the Jungle Disk Server agent (the service) on your server. Link to Guide
  2. If you are using a Windows server, this may be due to firewall or antivirus interference with the Jungle Disk Server agent.
    • Suggestions on how to address this are listed On This Page.
    • Then be sure to Restart the service again (which is what we did in Step 1).
  3. If this doesn't seem to help either, try resetting/updating your server license key.
    1. Go to Licenses in the online control panel (you may need to log in).
    2. Click the Reset link on the server you're trying to connect with and copy the new license key you are issued.
    3. Remotely connect with your server and enter the license key to the license key tool (via the Start Menu > Jungle Disk folder) for Windows, or enter it into your license file if on Linux and save the changes.
    4. Restart the service again: Link to Guide

You should be able to connect at this time, but please let us know if you're still having trouble!

Check out the "Get Support" section in the footer of this page for ways to connect with us.

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