Why are Files and Folders showing in Web Access but Not Showing in Windows?

In Windows, this is most often an indication that a virus has changed the attributes of your files/folders and has made them hidden. The most common symptom is having the ability to view the files and folders from web access, but not seeing anything when you attempt to view them from your Network Drive. 

There is a way to restore the files’/folders’ attributes. Open the command prompt by typing “cmd” (without quotes) in the Start Menu’s search bar and hit Enter. From there, type the following command:

attrib –r –a –s –h [Your Network Drive letter]:\*.* /s /d

In this example, the Network Drive is mapped to “J”. This command only needs to be run for a single computer and not by all users, though it could take a while for all user to see the effect (depending on the number of files).


Please keep in mind that this command will run on every single file in your network drive (which is good since you want to be thorough). You will only need to run this from a single computer, but the amount of time this takes will usually be quite a while.

You can monitor the progress this command is making by pulling up the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor and viewing the Pending Network Drive Activity window.

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