Backing Up or Syncing with Encrypted or Private Folders

By default, the Jungle Disk service runs as the "SYSTEM" user, which has permission to read/write anywhere on the computer.

In Windows, this allows Jungle Disk to run backups even when no user account is logged in.

If my folder/file is encrypted

Unfortunately, any encrypted files/folders will not be able to backed up or synced since the encryption is based on your user account credentials.

How can I tell?

  • An indication that your folder is encrypted is when you are able to select a folder to backup in the What to Backup section of the backup job configuration, yet the amount of data in the folder preview is shown as 0.
  • Not seeing your files in your backup immediately after a backup job completes can also indicate the folder is encrypted.

If my folder/file does not give SYSTEM permission

Likewise, any files/folders that prevent access to the SYSTEM user will also not be read by Jungle Disk.

How can I tell?

  1. You can right-click on the folder or file you're having trouble with and select Properties.
  2. Then select the Security tab to view its permissions.
  3. Verify that SYSTEM is listed here and that all permissions enabled.

What should I do?

To backup encrypted or private folders, you can either run the USB version of Jungle Disk (which does not install or use a background service) or modify the Jungle Disk service to run under your own user account instead of the default service account.

Modifying the service in Windows

  1. Type Windows + r, then type services.msc and hit Enter. Locate the Jungle Disk service, right-click it and select Properties.
  2. Next, select the Log On tab, click the radio button for "This account:" and enter your user credentials (system credentials, not Jungle Disk credentials).


You would need to adjust the permissions for the service junglediskserver using the "chmod" command and at least 755 access.

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