Verbose Logging: How to record an error

1. Turn on Verbose Logging

Open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor and in the menu bar, select Help > View Debug Log. Then enable the "Verbose Logging" checkbox.

Start the Jungle Disk program from command line with the -d switch.

Open Command Prompt (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt) and run:

Jungle Disk (Workgroup) "C:\Program Files\Jungle Disk Workgroup\JungleDiskWorkgroup.exe" -d
Jungle Disk Server Management "C:\Program Files\Jungle Disk Server Edition Management\JungleDiskServerManagement.exe" -d
Desktop "C:\Program Files\Jungle Disk Desktop\JungleDiskMonitor.exe" -d

Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/ and run:

Jungle Disk(Workgroup) /Applications/Jungle\ Disk\\ Disk\ Workgroup -d &
Jungle Disk Server Management /Applications/Jungle\ Disk\ Server\\ Disk\ Server\ Management -d &
Desktop (discontinued) /Applications/ -d &

Open Terminal or SSH into your server and run:

Server /usr/local/bin/junglediskserver -d -config /etc/jungledisk/junglediskserver-settings.xml &

Note that this is for Server Edition. If you are using Workgroup Edition, your app and settings file may be elsewhere.

Note: Even though this does not enable the checkbox for Verbose Logging option in the Help > View Debug Log section, it is still logging verbose debug information to the log file shown in Step 3.

2. Cause Jungle Disk to produce the error you are trying to record

You can think of enabling Verbose Logging as pressing the record button on a video camera. Now that you're recording, you'll need to cause this error to happen again so that the Verbose Logging can capture everything that happens before, during, and after the error occurs.

Once you have finished recreating the error, your error messages will be written automatically to your log file which you can attach in a ticket to the Jungle Disk support team.

If the error you're seeing is due to something in the Network Drive feature and you're having trouble recreating it, you can usually cause this kind of error to come up again by running Help > Check Online Disk Consistency.

3. Attach the log file in your ticket

This time when an error appeared, it was recorded in your verbose log. Find and attach this log file to your ticket so that the Jungle Disk Support Team can analyze it for you and provide suggestions on how to resolve the problem you're facing.

The location that this file is written to will depend on your operating system:
Windows C:\Windows\Temp\
Mac OS X ~/Library/Caches/jungledisk/
Linux /var/log/
Messages also appear in /var/log/messages/ when debugging is not enabled


The name of the file created will depend on the edition of Jungle Disk you're running:
Simply Backup jungledisksimplybackup.log
Desktop Edition jungledisk.log
Workgroup Edition junglediskwg.log
Server Edition (client) junglediskservermonitor.log
Server Edition (agent) junglediskserver.log

Note: The Jungle Disk ticket system can support attachments up to 20MB in size, but if you're emailing a reply, your mail server may support less than this.

If you find that your log file is too large, try compressing it to a .zip first and the file size should shrink it substantially.

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