Port 80 Workaround for Windows Server 2003 / IIS6

Jungle Disk, with WebDAV enabled on the network drive, will attempt to bind to localhost port 80 in order to enable drive mapping with the WebClient service.  The workaround below will need to be used if drive mapping is desired.

It appears there is an issue with Windows Server 2003 / IIS6 bound to port 80 that causes Jungle Disk to be unable to bind the port. It does not appear to affect Windows XP or IIS5.1.

The workaround for IIS6 is to configure IIS to just listen on your external address. You can do this by running:

  • httpcfg set iplisten -i xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your IP address)
  • Restart the HTTP service

Note: Don't use this workaround on a machine with DHCP, as you would need to change the registry entry each time the machine IP changes.

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