ESET NOD-32 Time Out and Lock Up

In some cases, Jungle Disk will not function properly with ESET NOD32 SSL scanning enabled. You may notice that Jungle Disk times out when a transfer of a large file occurs.Or the following error occurs:

xSocketTimeout - HTTP connection timed out: Operation too slow. Less than 1 bytes/sec transfered the last 381 seconds


  • Enter "Advanced Setup" then go to "Protocol Filtering -> SSL" and enable SSL protocol scanning.
  • Go to "Web access protection -> HTTP, HTTPS" and check "Do not use HTTPs protocol checking".
  • When this setting is checked you have to go back to "Protocol filtering -> SSL" and disable "SSL protocol scanning" again.

In certain situations, Windows explorer has been known to lock up when the NOD32 virus scanner is installed and configured to scan network drives. This appears to be a problem with the NOD32 software but can be worked around by disabling scanning of Network drives.


  • Click "Setup" from within NOD32.
  • Click "Enter entire advanced setup tree".
  • Select "Antivirus and antispyware" => "Real-time system protection" from the tree.
  • Uncheck "Network drives" in the "Media to scan group".
  • Click OK
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