Linux: Default Mount Path Only Available to User That Mounts It

By default the mounted path will only be available to the user who mounted it.

If you want to allow root or other users to access the mount you need to use the FUSE options "-o allow_root" or "-o allow_other". You may also need to set the umask, as in "-o umask=007".

These parameters can be specified in fstab or on the command line:

(fstab) jungledisk /mnt/mountpoint fuse defaults,noauto,user,config=/path/to/jungledisk-settings.xml,allow_other,umask=007 0 0
(command) /mnt/mountpoint -o rw -o umask=007 -o allow_other -o default_permissions

Alternatively, you can configure FUSE options in the configuration file after the mountpoint path (similar to the way it is done on the command line). This approach is particularly useful when mounting multiple disks, since only the first disk will pick up the extra FUSE options specified on the command line or in fstab.

Note: To allow the options to work for non-root users, be sure to add the option "user_allow_other" to your /etc/fuse.conf file.

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