What are Sync Conflicts?


You have a file named "fish.docx", but you're also noticing another file named "fish - Conflict 1.docx".

Which feature does this relate to?

Sync Conflicts are a protective measure that only relate to our Sync Folders feature.


  1. The most common reason for this is when two different people/computers both change the same file.
    • This could be due to 2 different people updating the same file within a few minutes of each other.
    • Or it could be due to one user (User 1) updating a file while disconnected from the internet, then before this user reconnects, another user (User 2) updates the same file from a computer that does have an active internet connection… then when User 1 reconnects, there is a conflict.
  2. 1 or more computers may've been in the process of reading/modifying the original file while another computer edited and saved some changes to it… then when Jungle Disk's sync process tried to pull down the newer version of the file to a computer that was currently editing its version, a conflict was created.
    • Note that this does not mean someone needs to be actively editing the document - another user's computer could simply scanning the local copy of the file and causing the local file to be locked in this same way.
    • Also, we have encountered situations where a person will leave the file open in his office, then go home to finish working on that same file, resulting in a conflict.
  3. It's also possible for this to happen even if just a single person uses a single computer.
    • The Sync Folders are stored inside the Network Drive container for your Online Disk. Because of this, it's possible to update a file on our end from the computer that's syncing without direct access to the local version of the file.
    • So if your local version of a file is being edited, is simply open, or is being read by another program (even an antivirus scan), then your operating system Locks this file.
    • Then, if the Jungle Disk Sync service tries to pull down an update that you or someone else has made to your Network Drive for this file (via the Local Drive Mapping feature, Mobile App, or even Web Access), Jungle Disk cannot overwrite your local version since that version on your computer is locked.
    • In that situation, Jungle Disk will rename the new version of this file to indicate that it was a conflict and could not be updated at the time it needed to be.

What actually happens when a conflict is detected?

  1. The newly updated file (the one that Jungle Disk is trying to pull/sync down) is renamed to "[original-name] - Conflict 1.[extension]" by the computer that detects the conflict.
    • For example, if my file was named "fish.png", it would be renamed to "fish-Conflict 1.png".
  2. The remote file is then copied down to the local computer with the original filename.
  3. On the next sync, the "Conflict" file will be synced up to your Online Disk so that you will find both the original file with its recent changes, and also that new "Conflict" file with the changes that were made on the computer that first detected the conflict.


What do I need to do?

Since Jungle Disk cannot merge the changes from each file into a single file automatically, a human eye will need to examine the files and determine which to keep or manually merge the changes from each into a single file.

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