Backup Vault Overview

Backup Vaults are storage containers within an online disk where your backup data resides for a single computer. A Backup Vault allows for block-level data de-duplication within and across multiple files and versions of files as well as compression for all data, which means greatly improved backup speeds and less total data stored.

A single account can have multiple Online Disks (each of which may be at different cloud providers), and each Online Disk can have multiple Backup Vaults (multiple computers backing up into the same Online Disk).

You can only attach a Backup Vault to a single computer. If you replace a computer, you can “take over” the old computer’s Backup Vault to avoid having to re‐upload any data that was already backed up.

You can Restore from any Backup Vault, even one being used by a different computer.

Use Cases

  1. Used for backing pretty much anything up - Backup Vaults are available in all 4 of our Jungle Disk editions as long as you want to retain previous versions of files in the backup for at least 7 days.
    • 7 days is the minimum retention period for Backup Vaults, but you can set the frequency of the backups (once each day, once each week, or multiple times a day)
    • Because Backup Vaults cannot be set to limit the number of previous versions to anything less than 7 days old, we recommend *against* using a schedule more frequent than once daily unless you are backing up an exceptionally small data set (less than 1GB of data, for example).
  2. Backup Vaults are both compressed and de-duplicated.
    • We typically find that compression percentages are between 5% and 95% (typically hovering around 50%), but does depend entirely on the data you're uploading and we do not have a way to estimate an expected percentage, of course.
  3. If you need to upload/backup a single file or series of files that exceeds 5GB in individual size.


  1. Backup Vaults cannot be browsed via the Network Drive or Web Access features.
    • Backup Vaults are designed and optimized specifically for backup and restore procedures only.
    • If you need to be able to browse/copy your files from the Network Drive and/or Web Access, please check out our Legacy Backup overview for more details.

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