Configuring Online Disk Access

Types of Access

  • Read/Write: The user can view files in this Online Disk and can also upload/save files to it as well
  • Read: The user can only view files in this Online Disk but cannot upload/save any files to it

You can edit the permissions of your online disks in the following method:

Click on "Online Disks" in the upper left hand corner of the control panel, and then select "Permissions".

Here, you'll see a list of the online disks associated with your account. Choose the online disk you'd like to configure access for.

The lower half of the window has a heading that reads "User Access". You will notice some drop-downs here. To enable access to an online disk for the a user, choose the user from the drop down under Online Disk. Next, select the type of access this user should have for that disk. You can choose read or read/write. Read access will allow that user to open files in the online disk but they will be unable to make changes or delete files in the online disk. Click the "Add" button to apply the access so the user can access the disk. You can also click the "Remove" button to delete access to that disk in the future.

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