Sync Folders Overview

The Sync Folders feature is a powerful tool you can use to keep a set of data on your Network Drive and your Local Computer(s) in sync.

Use Cases

  1. You commute to/from work, you can use Sync Folders to work on your documents on the bus.
  2. You like to work from a park or another location where internet connectivity is unreliable or unavailable.
  3. You're trying to keep a set of documents in sync on multiple computers you own (home and work, for example).
  4. You're wanting to keep a folder in sync across multiple computers for your employees or coworkers.
    • Cautionsync folders are not designed to allow multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, so this may result in Sync Conflicts. More information about this is located on This Page.


Limitations / Recommendations

Sync Folders were not designed to move massive amounts of data. We suggest sync folders for users that are:

  • Syncing 10 GB of data or less will usually result in the best overall experience, but Sync Folders are still expected to work for larger data sets as well (though may not update as quickly). Keeping your folders lower than 10GB can help to ensure the following:
    • Helps to avoid Conflicts due to delays in the updating of changes to all computers.
    • Faster syncing in general simply because there's less to manage. If some online files are queued to download, other local changes made to your folder during the download are queued. This can result in a larger window of time for Conflicts to occur.
  • Sync Folders are not expected to work properly for folders containing more than 100,000 files.


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