How do Sync Folders work?

  1. Jungle Disk initiates a search for changes that's triggered due to any of the following:

    • The Jungle Disk application started up
    • The Jungle Disk configuration was changed
    • The "Resume Sync" button was just pressed in the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor
    • Your Operating System produced a notification that a file was changed in a folder that Jungle Disk is monitoring/syncing
    • Jungle Disk on your computer just detected that another computer (using the same sync folder) pushed an update into your cloud-side sync folder
  2. Jungle Disk then searches the sync.db file (which is stored at the root of your local sync folder and is hidden by default) to determine what changed in this folder since the last sync and what should be updated or downloaded to get things matching again. To determine which changes need to be made, the following are taken into consideration:

    • Modified Date on the local file
    • Modified Date on the remote file
    • Modified Date of the file when it was last synced
  3. For the files have have been identified after the comparisons in the database for the folder that has 'updated', Jungle Disk then checks each file's data (using an MD5 hash as a sort of checksum) to verify if the data of the file has changed.

    • "New" files that have the same MD5 hash value that they did when they were last synced are now skipped.
    • The remaining files are then uploaded/downloaded to bring the online folder and the local folder in sync with one another.
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