Configuring a Simple Backup Job

Here's a quick visual walkthrough showing how to set up a new Simple Backup Job

Note: the images in this screenshot show Workgroup Edition, but the steps involved apply to Desktop Edition as well

Step 1: Click "Configure"

Step 2: Select "Simple Backup" and create a new job

Step 4: Select "Schedule" and adjust (if necessary)

Step 5: Select 'What to Backup' and then click "Add or Change Backup Folders"

Step 6: Choose which folders to back up from your computer

Note: For more information on the available modes/configurations for backup, check out Understanding Modes in 'What to Backup'

Step 7: Verify your backup configuration

Step 8: Adjust your "Backup Options" (if necessary)

Step 9: Click Start Backup now if it's a good time to start

Note: This could take a while! Alternatively, you could wait for the schedule to start the backup automatically.



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