Simple/Legacy Backup Overview

The Simple Backup(formerly known as Legacy Backup) feature allows you to keep files and folders on your local machine backed up automatically off-site to your Jungle Disk Network Drive.

In most cases, we recommend using Backup Vaults instead (since Backup Vaults are compressed and de-duplicating, which usually helps to keep your overall storage - and bills - lower). In a few cases though, it would be best to use Simple Backup.

Use Cases

  1. You want to backup files that can be accessed at any time through Web Access or the Network Drive.
    • Backup Vaults are not visible in Web Access or the Network Drive.
  2. You want to backup a set of files on your computer, but do not want for locally deleted files to be removed from your online backup.
    • This would be considered an "add-only" form of backing up and can be helpful for keeping an online repository of music, images, etc.
    • Backup Vaults will retain locally deleted files for a period of time that you set, but will eventually remove those older files.
  3. You have a lot of files that you want to upload to your Network Drive and do not plan to use Backups after the data is uploaded.
    • This would be a one-time-use scenario. After the "backup" completes, you would then reorganize your data in the Network Drive and would delete the Backup Job since it no longer needs to be run.
  4. You want more control over how Retention works for previous versions and deleted files found in this backup.
    • Backup Vaults only allow for the ability to expire a previous version after a number of days you define (minimum of 7 days).
    • If you want to only keep the most recent backup of data and any deleted files (not any previous versions of files), Simple Backup is our only type of backup that can do this for you.
  5. You have a lot of files to backup that are smaller than 1MB
    • Backup Vault de-duplication only occurs for files larger than 1MB


  1. Simple backup has the same limitations of Network Drive, which means that individual files must be less than 5GB each in order to upload successfully.
    • If you need to upload individual files larger than 5GB each, you can use our Backup Vault feature instead.

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