Restoring from a Network Drive or Simple Backup

Step 1: Open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor and click Restore


Step 2: Select the Disk you want to restore from (if prompted)


Step 3: Select the Network Drive (if prompted)


Step 4: Choose your filter and pick where you want to restore to

Step 5a: Select the folder file you want to restore and click Add File to Restore (repeat if you'd like)

Step 5b: Select the file you want to restore and click Add Folder File to Restore (repeat if you'd like)


Step 6: Verify that your file or folder is going to restore to the location you want them to

If they are not, you need to remove the file/folder, adjust the Restore To option in the top-right, and add the file/folder back.


Step 7: (Optional) Click Restore Options and be sure to check "Only restore files that are missing..." if you're restoring to a folder that may already have some of these files in it


Step 8: Click Start Restore and your download will begin


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