Jungle Disk Application Security Levels (Password Prompt)

Note: this is only available in Jungle Disk Desktop and Workgroup

What is it?

This setting will allow you to add an extra layer of protection to your configuration.

Where do I find this option?

  1. Open the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor and click Configure.
  2. Enable the "Show Advanced Options" checkbox in the bottom-left.
  3. Select the "Application Settings" section at the top of the side-bar to the left.
  4. You will now see this setting in the panel to the right.

What do each of these options offer me?

This option allows you to password-protect parts of the Jungle Disk Application and Service. Here's a table showing a breakdown of what requires the password at the various levels.

Requires Password
  None Low Medium High
Settings File Encrypted *  
View/Change Settings  
View Transfer Progress    
View Errors    
Start Backup Manually    
Disable Backups    
Pause Sync    
Restore Files    
Scheduled Backups Start      
Network Drives Mount     **
Sync Folders Run      

* Note: This functionality renders the entire XML settings file unreadable directly. If this settings file is then moved to another computer, the software will prompt for the account password if placed in the correct location and after restarting the Jungle Disk Service.

** Note: In OS X (Mac OS), the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor must be running in order to connect Network Drives. Because of this, our "Medium" option will require Mac users to provide their passwords before drives can be mounted, but Windows users have no such requirement. In Windows, drives will connect even if the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor is never started.

Possible Use Cases

  • None: No password prompt [default]
    • Jungle Disk will never prompt you for your password (after your initial configuration), and will run the WebDAV server and mount Network Drives on service startup. This is great for someone who just wants Jungle Disk to run in the background and be able to adjust settings on the fly without any interruption.
  • Low: Open Configuration
    • As an administrator, you're planning on installing and setting up (or have already installed/set up) Jungle Disk to work exactly how you need it to on every computer in the office. To prevent intentional or unintentional modifications to your settings, you'd like to password protect the settings. You can use this option to prevent access to the Configure window in Jungle Disk.
    • Your users will still be able to start restores without your help and can pause sync and backups in situations where they are needing to free up bandwidth temporarily.
    • Caution: Clicking Disable Backups or Pause Sync will keep them off until they are manually enabled again. If you think your users may do this by mistake and forget to enable these options once more, consider using Medium.
  • Medium: Monitor Setup
    • While your users will not be able to issue restores or start backups manually, they also won't be able to Disable Backups or Pause Sync.
    • Pick this option if you want to allow users to access their Network Drives (special note, see below) and/or have backups running automatically in the background.
    • Special Note: On Macs, mapping the Network Drive(s) requires the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor to be open/running. So if you're on Medium: Monitor Startup, this results in needing to enter the password in order to map Network Drive(s) in Mac. On Windows, however, the Network Drives will still mount automatically without having to start the Jungle Disk Activity Monitor.
  • High: Service Startup
    • At its highest security setting Jungle Disk will require your password before the service can start. This means that Network Drives cannot connect and Scheduled Backups cannot run until the password is provided.
    • With this option, you would need to provide the user with his/her password so that authentication can be established when logging in.
    • The service does not restart (on its own) until you restart or shut down/start up your computer.
    • What's the benefit? If your computer is lost or stolen, then the thief will not be able to gain access to your Jungle Disk backups or network drive without knowing your login password. With all other security options, your backups will continue running when connected to the internet (even after being stolen) and the drives will continue to mount, perhaps providing the thief with access to the documents you and your company are sharing.
    • Note: If your computer is stolen or compromised, check this guide for instructions on how to deactivate your user account: Eliminating Access from a Stolen Computer

Windows 10 Users

If you are not getting a password prompt after shutdown and have Password Prompt set to High, you may have Fast Startup enabled. To disable this feature, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to your Control Panel and click "Hardware and Sound". Then, under "Power Options", click "Change what the power buttons do".


Step 2: In the next screen, click "Change settings that are currently unavailable" and then uncheck "Turn on fast startup".



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