Accessing Jungle Disk in GNOME

After configuring Jungle Disk on a Linux machine using GNOME, you may get this message when trying to pull Jungle Disk back up:

Jungle Disk Desktop is running in standalone mode and has detected that the service is already running, or the service network port is in use. Please stop the service, or run JungleDisk in non-standalone mode.

To fix this, first install this extension:
Then, toggle it on:


Then run the commands here under "Or compile it yourself":
Before running git clone you may need to run sudo apt install git.

You shouldn't need to enable system-wide per the guide, but you can. You will need to logout then back in even if you don't enable it system-wide. If you open Jungle Disk, you should see an icon like in the image below. Please note, it may take a while to appear.


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